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It's a Recession, let's face it - How has your life changed because of it? - Cheeto
It's a Recession, let's face it - How has your life changed because of it?
We're not sure how long the recession is going to be going for. Or where it's going, but we do know that people are losing their jobs. Either cuts, or a cancellation in peoples work for whatever the reason. How is everyone else's life? Have people lost their jobs, know people who have lost them, or how have you been affected? Negatively or positively?

I stopped drinking Coffee/Caffeine (Couldn't afford it anymore!! BAD Addicting habit!) to drinking Water (FREE!!!). I have swayed myself from all the Fast food (EXPENSIVE!!) chains. Because of my job loss I started to gain some weight from all the cheeses, chips, mac and cheese and what not I would eat from just sitting on my computer all day. I stopped eating dairy, ice cream, meat (which I ate only chicken before, so I cut that) which changed into Soy Bean Alternatives (Soy.. Chicken, Beef, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Cheese Butter, Milk, you name it - healthy Animal-free products.) and only Vegetables and Fruits. Cutting out any processed foods, and chips, and any white bread (changed to Wheat and limited to one serving a day). I am almost done and changed to alternative animal-free cheeses. But that will come soon. I have been out of work.. Or "Unemployed" for ehh.. about three years?

Give or take that what I do you may not call "Unemployed":

Here's my situation, I worked at Little Caesars.. somewhat part time shitty hours for quite awhile - however I would be getting somewhere from 500-600 in a month sometimes. Then at the lower points it would be 90-150 if I was lucky to be scheduled hours (which was never likely). Later I got fired for some dumb shit. Here I am. I work on websites and attempt to profit somewhat of them to pay my bills. (Or at least just to cover the now pretty big monthly server fees). Trying to do what I can do to get my site bigger (just updating.. that's about it - and a lot of it). And telling everyone about them, as much as I can. Hopefully not coming off too annoying, but anyway..

I do yard work for my Grandma maybe about every 2 weeks. I cut grass, do lawn work, clip stuff, clean her house, rake, shovel, whenever it is. More-so in the Spring-Fall. Not so much in the winter. Better than nothing pay, but never really consistent and feels a bit weird to go to my grandma to get money for work (which I could/should do for free). But she insists.. and I have nothing else I can do. Can't find work, have applied everywhere and will continue to.

I simply couldn't afford the unhealthy cheap alternatives any longer and had to go grocery shopping and learned to eat and make EVERYTHING I loved to eat at my home and make it the way I wanted it. I learned to be a much healthy conscious eater. Not removing the fast-food food I loved, I now make things like Deep-fried vegetables that replaced my once beloved Fried Chicken, and Fried Chalupas?? I can make those at home and put my meatless alternatives to make myself happier and a much healthier alternative for my much less active lifestyle I will be having for a while longer. Since, you know. I HAD ALL the time in the world to do anything, I even opened more websites and am working openly in the music industry trying to get myself out there with songs and production. What else will the future years of being unemployed will bring me?? Only time will tell!!

Current Music: Sugababes - About A Girl

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